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DiamondDonate’s Building Blocks

Your DiamondDonate online giving page is created to your specification using a series of customizable page components called “Building Blocks.” Many of these blocks can be customized with additional text and images, and the blocks can be assembled in any order. To add even more flexibility, individual blocks can be turned on or off throughout the year.

HTML Text Blocks
(there are three of them)

Use them at the beginning, middle and end of your donation page or don’t use them at all. Each block can consist of full HTML code and display text, graphics, photos, links, etc. Use different color fonts and/or sizes to ensure your message is being communicated effectively.

Ask Amount List

Can consist of as many different “Ask” amounts as you need. Focus on larger amounts, smaller “monthly” giving or both! Use with the “Other Amount” option to ensure that your donors can give at whatever level they’re most comfortable. Each Amount can also have descriptive text either ‘naming’ the level, describing the benefits or to tell the donor why they should give at the specified level.

Other Amount

Use by itself or with the flexible Ask Amount List block. When used by itself it simply allows the donor to enter a specific amount – the word “Other” does not appear.

Recurring Option

Gives the donor the option of making the gift a “one time gift” or allowing them to specify that the gift should repeat either Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annually.  Within Total Info, recurring gift donors are categorized as such automatically and Total Info will keep a running tally of all gifts received as part of the original recurring gift.  Total Info can also report on the projected income yet to be received in the current fiscal year from each recurring gift and also inform you as to the anniversary of each recurring gift to allow you to reach out to recurring gift donors to ask them if they could increase their support of your agency.  

Use My Donation for a Specific Purpose

While you may not want this Building Block to be showing during your “end of year” appeal, it can be a very effective tool for ad hoc, shorter-term campaigns for one or more specific purposes. For example, “Our Van needs new tires and we’re trying to raise $1,000. Please visit our website and give what you can to help us repair the van!”

Dedicate My Gift
(in honor or in memory or in tribute)

Unless this type of tool is relevant to your program it may be useful.  However, again, while you may not want this Building Block to be showing during your “end of year” appeal, it can be useful at specific times and/or in response to an unfortunate and untimely passing of an important constituent.

Gift Listing

Allows the Donor(s) to specify how they’d like their names listed in program recognition lists, annual reports etc. This block also allows a donor to have their gift acknowledged to “Bob Smith and Mary Jones” or the “Mary Jones Family” etc.

Basic Donor Information

Prompts for the Name, Address, Phone and E-Mail of the donor. All are required fields. You can prompt for either 1, 2 or 3 different phone numbers and the work phone number allows for a work extension.

Employer Match Questions

Allows the donor to proactively inform you as to whether or not his/her employer will match their gift and also allows them to specify contact information for the person with whom to follow up regarding the matching gift.

Credit Card Information

Another required block which securely accepts the donors credit card information.

Optional Yes/No Questions

You can specify 1, 2 or 3 Yes/No questions that can, for example, probe the donor’s interest in serving as a volunteer or board member or ask a marketing question.  All of the questions can be tied directly to custom “attribute” fields within Total Info and the data will download directly to those fields and be instantly available for reporting and be seen immediately within the donor’s record.